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Breaking habits and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

Over the last few weeks I have been attending an extremely interesting Personal Development workshop series, about the breaking of habits and overcoming self-limiting beliefs that lead to procrastination.  It has a strong focus on facing fears that are holding people back in their personal and professional lives and making braver decisions.   The workshops have been delivered by DoctorZed and hosted by Regional Development Australia.  DoctorZed (real name Dr Scott Zarcinas; provides a practical approach with the methodology he has published, and I am fascinated with the scientific and medical research that supports the concepts.

There are very strong links in the workshops’ content to workplace people and culture concepts.  It was fantastic to see the themes of values and goals clearly reinforced in the workshops, as they have such an important impact on how we live our lives both personally and professionally.  This is something I will focus on in future blogs.

DoctorZed also talks about redefining failure and that failure is something we learn from rather than need to be afraid of.  This is an extremely valuable point, which I feel is completely undervalued and even ignored too often in business.  There have been countless brilliant leaders in history who have had massive failures before having world changing success. The other thing that stood out to me from the other participant’s feedback, is that as I suspected, many employers do find managing their employee issues confronting and put dealing with them off.  I hope they get the tools from the workshop to help them and of course Valere People can provide further support in this area.


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