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Culture and Leadership

How often do we hear "’s a cultural thing"; "...the culture needs to improve"; "...they have brought the culture down", etc etc?  How often do we see little action from those making these statements to actively rectify their throw away statements, about the perceived culture and leadership?  In fact, it can often be one of those subjective statements we all understand, but lack the courage to really explore and actively try and change for the greater good.  This is because there is a perception that only the romantic vision of a Hollywood type Transformational Leader can come into a business and influence the un-influenceable.  Only they can make tough changes; have set backs and eventually turn the a culture around.  If the Transformational leader isn't an option its often determined that we need set of PhD something consultants to tell us what we did actually already know.

Don’t get me wrong, both Transformational Leaders and highly qualified people will make a difference, but in most cases the key to successful culture change stem from three things: 

1. Leaders being courageous and themselves and the business being aware that the workplace culture needs focus,

2. Engaging with the employees on what needs to the be addressed and 

3. Patiently implementing changes that improve the culture which drives success.

I am privileged to be working with a client who is doing exactly this.  They know there are areas of improvements required for their culture and are acting upon it quickly by engaging with their team.  It is great to see this genuine style of leadership, where the link between culture and performance is so clearly obvious to the business. 

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”   ABRAHAM LINCOLN


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